Earth Day 2013

     O. T. Bonner Middle School observed Earth Day on Monday, April 22, 2013. Students, teachers, and staff wore green in honor of this important day. Many teachers around the building planned special events and lessons in observance of Earth Day 2013.

      Students in Ms. McGuire’s physical education classes walked around the track and picked up litter to clean up the environment. Mrs. Vaughan’s seventh grade science classes painted rocks to hand out to teachers. Some of Mrs. Vaughan’s students even made Earth Day posters. Mrs. Winant’s sixth grade English students kept the lights off, opened the windows, and read articles about Earth Day. The lights in the common areas were not on for the day as natural light flooded these areas instead.

      Bonner students were also asked to try a few extra activities to help our planet. Students were asked to turn off the lights when leaving a room, read instead of watching television, recycle at home, reuse bottles of water, and use only one paper towel to dry their hands. Bonner students and teachers learned many important lessons about caring for the environment.