My Little Sister Ate One Hare

     Friday, January 13th will forever remain memorable in the minds, stomachs, and noses of the 6th Grade Math classes at O. T. Bonner. For it was on that day that Mrs. Hatch and Ms. Fischer decided to serve up My Little Sister Ate One Hare by Bill Grossman.

      Mrs. Hatch, to prepare for this auspicious day, stayed up late the night before to prepare the ingredients of cooked spaghetti, with butter and garlic, red jello, and green jello to help make the occasion “real” to the students.
We began the lesson as the students were asked to help open packages of eyeballs, tongues, ears, and teeth to mix in with the above ingredients to help the students better “understand”.

      After all the known ingredients were added in, the fun began as Ms. Fischer began reading the story, My Little Sister Ate One Hare, which was about “my little sister”, who ate anything and everything, but in particular she ate one hare, two snakes, three ants and their underpants, four shrews with their smelly socks and shoes, five bats with their coats, ties, and hats, six mice that she spit out and then ate again! She ate seven polliwogs that were turning into frogs, eight worms and all their germs, and nine lizards. Each time she ate something new, we thought she would surely throw it up, but…she didn’t. As Ms Fischer read the story, Mrs. Hatch continued to add in the new ingredients that were eaten by “my little sister”.

      The students were on the edges of their seats, as they waited to see what would be added next, as they both anticipated it eagerly and dreaded it in the same moment and yet they squirmed each time the next new “creepy” ingredient was added that was eaten by “my little sister”. The new additions never seemed to bother “my little sister”, in the least. In fact, it seemed like the grosser the ingredient was, the happier “my little sister” was, until she ate ten green peas, which were so healthy, they were promptly expelled from her, along with everything else! WHAT A COLOSSAL MESS! You can bet your booties, all the students moved very quickly to avoid any catastrophe near them!

     The students then participated in finding probability solutions, as several were selected to pull things from the gooey mess, two items at a time, and decide if they would keep it, or replace it, and then solve the “probability of it all”. Ms. Hatch wanted to make sure that the “brew” she had made was “just right”, so she even “tasted” it, much to the delight of the students in the classroom!