Nathan's Christmas Cards

Danville, VA - A middle school teacher in Danville was so moved by the story of Nathan Norman - the 5-year-old Rustburg boy battling cancer - that she asked her class to help him get his wish for an early Christmas.

Cross-categorical teacher Deauti Harris told her class about Nathan's story and they jumped at the chance to bring him some Christmas cheer.


The class got started making Christmas cards and before they knew it, the whole school was on board.


When the principal learned of the class project, he got the whole school involved - students and faculty.


They made cards, signed a banner and even put up a tree to show Nathan that they all are rooting for him.


"It showed me a different side of my students that I hadn't seen before because you know, sometimes kids don't really show that much compassion, and when I talked about this situation they were very compassionate and they only wanted to know what they could do to help," Harris said.


"To be able to spread joy to someone who really needs it....we were glad to do so," said O.T. Bonner Assistant Principal Raymond Smith.


Ms. Harris plans to mail all of the cards out to Nathan this week.


To help Nathan celebrate an early Christmas, mail all cards to: 81 Dunivan Dr. Rustburg, VA, 24588.