Pi Day 2013

     Students in Mrs. Hatch’s and Ms. Robertson’s seventh grade classes recently celebrated Pi Day. Students began the Pi Day activities by reading the book Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi and discussing the poem “The Potion Riddle” with their English teacher, Ms. Robertson. Ms. Robertson then took students throughout the building to find circles, so they could measure circumference and diameter.

      In Mrs. Hatch’s math class, students completed an activity called “Saving Sir Cumference.” Students were asked to help Radius and Lady Di of Ameter save Sir Cumference by solving a math riddle in a poem titled “The Circle’s Measure.” Students even got to sing The Pi Song, which is sung to the tune of Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious. Mr. Edgerton’s seventh grade math classes also completed the same activities for Pi Day.

      In addition, Mrs. Hatch and Mr. Edgerton sponsored a Pi Day memorization contest. About 35 students participated in the event. Each student who participated had to stand and recite the digits of Pi. Mr. Bailey, the principal of Bonner, served as the official judge and kept track of each student’s progress. More than half of the students memorized at least the first ten digits of Pi. However, the big winner of the day was Brittani Hatch. Brittani memorized 49 digits of Pi!