SOL Celebration

There was a very happy group of students at O. T. Bonner Middle School recently. One of Mrs. Hatch’s sixth grade classes achieved a 100% pass rate on the 2011-2012 Math 6 SOL test. The students in Mrs. Hatch’s class had arranged a deal with Mrs. Hatch and Mr. Bailey, Principal of Bonner, before the SOL test.

The students told Mrs. Hatch that they could achieve a 100% pass rate, but they also had a few demands they wanted met in return for their hard work and effort all year. For example, the students asked for a pizza party if they were successful. However, they also wanted Mrs. Hatch to do a cartwheel and Mr. Bailey to sport a unibrow.

The students in this class met the 100% goal. They were rewarded with a pizza party in the Bonner cafeteria one afternoon. Mrs. Hatch did not let her students down; she performed a flawless cartwheel to the amazement of the students. Mr. Bailey also sported a unibrow to the delight of all who attended.

Congratulations to these students who worked hard all year to learn the math skills necessary to pass this rigorous test.