Trash Fashion

     Ms. VanFossen's art students at O.T. Bonner Middle School are learning about what it takes to create fashions out of materials that would normally be considered trash or unusable materials. The project is called Trash Fashion. It is also known as Recycled Fashion. The purpose of the project is to see what is included in creating fashions—from beginning sketch to final project. We also discussed recycling and sustainability and ways to reuse materials to benefit the environment. Students are given a choice of materials that are normally considered unusable and are given the task to create fashions out of these materials. The theme for the first nine weeks of school was Accessories. Students were given ideas of items to make that would be considered fashion accessories. These included hats, scarves, belts, wallets, bags, shoes, etc. The students had to problem solve to choose materials and ways to connect them that would be able to stay together and be able to be worn. We had many successful projects. The students also worked together a lot to help each other to have successful projects. Students brainstormed together and helped each other to learn new things such as braiding and ways to help the project stay together successfully.