Veteran's Day 2010

Students, teachers, and administrators worked together to make Veterans Day 2010 an extra special event. Social studies teachers interviewed Bonner’s five veterans and wrote biographies of their military experiences. These were placed in a notebook along with a picture of the veteran in uniform and placed in the library so all could have access to the information. Each morning of the week of Veterans Day, a student or teacher read the biography of a Bonner veteran over the intercom during morning announcements. Bonner’s veterans are Mr. Allen, Mrs. Lewis-Burke, Mr. Hunt, Corporal Jennings, and Mrs. Warren. They received gift cards to Outback Steakhouse on Friday. Also on Friday, thanks to Mrs. Mitchell, the Bonner family enjoyed listening to a recording of the anthems for each branch of the military.

Students and teachers also enjoyed making red stars to honor family members and friends who served in the military. These stars listing the veteran’s name and branch of service were displayed on the main wall of the cafeteria. It was exciting to watch the number of stars on the wall grow as the week progressed.

The children’s understanding and compassion for servicemen and women became more apparent because of our school’s involvement in these activities. We say thank you to all the brave men and women who have served their country over the years.