2015-2016 Events


Mrs. Harvey's Class Volunteers at God's Storehouse

     The students in Mrs. Harvey’s 8th grade Civics classes recently gave back to the

community. Students in the academically gifted program at O. T. Bonner Middle School spent

several weeks volunteering at God’s Storehouse packing boxes, stocking shelves, and

delivering items to clients.  Additionally, they created get well cards and delivered them to

Riverside Health and Rehab Center facility where they spent the afternoon visiting, taking time

to sing, and play games with patients.


     The Virginia Standards of Learning state that “civic education must emphasize the

intellectual and practical skills required for responsible citizenship. Students will practice these

skills both inside and outside the classroom as they extend their understanding of the essential

knowledge.” These Bonner students identified a need in the community, planned the event

including contacting key individuals, developed permission forms and used the decision making

model to reflect and celebrate their success. Students said the events were really fun and they

look forward to doing it again.