2014-2015 Events


Paper mâché with Mrs. Emerson

    Mrs. Emerson’s 8th grade Art Foundations 1 classes used their creativity and artistic talents to create wonderful paper mâché sculptures. Classes were assigned well known Dr. Seuss characters and Alice in Wonderland characters. Students were instructed to practice ethical procedures. They did so by giving credit to original character artists in the titles of their completed works.

      The process for this project was rather extensive, taking several weeks to complete. Students first assembled armatures for their characters using recyclable materials. They used bottles, cereal boxes, egg cartons, newspapers, cardboard and various other materials to form the inner workings of their projects. They covered their forms with newspaper and paper mâché glue. The last step was to paint their completed sculptures.

      Students had to be inventive and creative in order to create a form similar to their assigned characters. They also had to be resourceful problem solvers in order to balance their paper maché sculptures and make them stand upright. The students displayed an excellent work ethic and perseverance while creating these outstanding paper mâché projects!


Student artists were:

Hannah Anderson            Octavian Ebarb
Ismaeli Carter                 Megan Dickerson
Destiny Cooper                Ivory Freeman
Quenton Elam                  Devin Gauldin
Jazlyn Graves                  Jacob Graser
Diamond Gregory             Jaylan Gunter
Cadrein Gunter                Hermani Harris
Noah Haley                      Melany Hernandez
Denazhe' Jackson             Anya Jennings
Cue'Bion Jones                 Korey Jennings
Jakayla Knauer                Macy Jones
Christopher Peters          Tyasia Mason
Shayleigh Raymond          Sonia Salcedo
Daniel Simms                  Jenita Theodore
Kamira Stanley                Latrival Townes
Temea White                  Brooke Trembley
Laquilla Wimbush            Destiny Williams

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