Forest Hills



Field Trip to UVA

     Forest Hills students accepted at UVA!   Students in the fourth and fifth grades at Forest Hills traveled to the University of Virginia to study the life and times of Thomas Jefferson.  They began the day at Poplar Forest in Lynchburg, Virginia where they visited the mountain retreat home of Mr. Jefferson.  Students were treated to a tour of the house and grounds and participated in hands-on activities relating to the time period of the former President. 

     Following a picnic lunch on the lawn of Poplar Forest, the students traveled to the Rotunda of the University of Virginia where they were given excellent tours of the campus led by University students.  Highlights of the visit included the room of Edgar Allan Poe, the statue of Thomas Jefferson in the Rotunda and the college bookstore.  In addition to the wonderful learning experiences, adults and students were able to partake of stunning autumn views of the beautiful mountains of Virginia.  Wahoo!