Forest Hills



Constitution Day Celebration

Forest Hills celebrates Constitution Day in a big way! In honor of Mrs. Katri Pavord's becoming a United States citizen, Forest Hills held an assembly attended by the entire student body. Mrs. Lassiter, school Principal, spoke to the children about the history and importance of the Constitution. Several fifth grade students read the Preamble as written and in plain language easier to understand. Mrs. Pavord was recognized by the faculty, staff and students and presented with an American Flag to commemorate her citizenship.


The students filed out of the auditorium and into the neighborhood led by the George Washington ROTC color guard. Ishmael Davis, an eighth grade drummer from Bonner Middle School, provided the marching beat on the snare drum. Students marched through the neighborhood and up Main Street wearing their red, white and blue clothing. They also wore hats and carried flags that they made in preparation for the day. Returning to the school, students were led in the Pledge to the Flag by the ROTC and feasted on red, white and blue cupcakes which had been arranged to form an American Flag.


What a fabulous day on the hill!