Forest Hills



Erosion and Weathering

In conjunction with the Danville Pittsylvania Chamber grant awarded to Mrs. Tunstall and Mrs. Lineberry, second grade teachers at Forest Hills, the Danville Science Center paid us another educational visit on Wednesday, January 25. The Science SOL topic this time was "Erosion and Weathering." We walked around our school grounds looking for signs of erosion after some initial class discussion. When we returned to our rooms, we worked in small groups to create our own landscape for Forest Hills. We were trying to come up with the best ideas for protecting our school from long term weathering and erosion. After each group developed a plan, the landscape was subjected to "light rain and heavy storms." We were able to see what might have been the best ways to protect our building and grounds as some of our "schools" became covered with sand! Many thanks to our instructor, Mr. Adam Goebels.