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Current Events for 2014-2015

The Forest Hills fourth and fifth grade students participated in the annual Science Fair.  The students presented to judges from around our community and representatives from our school system.  There was an open time for parents and friends to view the projects prior to the awards ceremony.  Listed below are the winners of each category and the overall winner.  Everyone involved did a fantastic job!


Amarie Wiles - 1st place overall winner of the Science Fair


Overall school winners:

1st place - Amari Wiles
2nd place - Nyjah Brisco and Caroline Holbrook
3rd place - Chloe Blessing

Winners in the category Life Science/Temperature

1st place - Jeb Byrnes
2nd place - Antony Useche
3rd place - Rowan Kirk

Winners in the Consumer Products category:

1st place - Isabela Lugo
2nd place - Antoni Mtcazk
3rd place - Kornel Bulinski

Winners in the Physical Science category:

1st place - Amair Wiles
2nd place - John Mills
3rd place - Kira Pantazis
Honorable Mention - Dillon Alderson

Winners in the Solutions category;

1st place - Caroline Holbrook
2nd place - Chloe Blessing
3rd place - Breaden Tanner

Winners in the Food category;

1st place - Nyjah Brisco
2nd place - Jordan Greene
3rd place - Jala Cunningham
Honorable mention - Landon Jones








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