Galileo High School

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Galileo Celebrates Constitution Day

    Galileo Magnet High School joined with other schools in the nation in celebrating Constitution Day on Sept. 17 with social studies classes watching A More Perfect Union and discussing how the House of Representatives and Congress came to be.
    Also in celebration of the historic day students were able to offer answers to Constitution Day questions and put their answers in the “hopper” that was located in the cafeteria.  Names would be drawn out for a free homework pass.  Questions asked include: Of the original 13 states, which state was the first to ratify the Constitution? (Delaware), Including the Bill of Rights, how many amendments are there in total in the Constitution? (27), Name the five Virginia delegates that attended the Constitutional Convention in May of 1787? (George Washington, James Madison, George Mason, George Wythe and Edmund Randolph), Which Virginian is considered to be the “father” of the constitution for his work in drafting that document? (James Madison) and Which amendment of the Constitution is typically referred to as the “Roosevelt Amendment”? ( 22nd)