Galileo High School

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Roots and Shoots Heifer Project

     The Galileo Roots and Shoots club sponsored the Heifer project as their December fundraiser. What is the Heifer Project you might ask? The Heifer Project is an activity in which the students and faculty at Galileo Magnet High School donated money to purchase farm animals for homeless families in underdeveloped countries.
      Proceeds from this project could buy alpacas, cows, chickens, ducks and more. The purchasing of these animals created a renewable income for these families by pumping cash into the local economy.
      During the first week of December, the Galileo Roots and Shoots Club received $1,060 in donations from the students, faculty and staff who contributed to the project. For each $.25 a person donated club members created a colored link in their honor, creating colored chains, one for each grade level.
      At the beginning, there seemed to be a lack of interest in the event, but that changed as soon as Mr. Lancaster issued a challenge: If the Heifer Project could raise $750, then he would kiss a farm animal. This created an incentive for everyone, encouraging people to take part in helping those in need. The reserve was met and by Feb. 28 the Roots and Shoots Club reached far beyond their goal, forcing Mr. Lancaster to keep his promising, kissing a baby goat by the name of Darla on Feb. 29.
      “This fundraiser was to help others in need and with it we showed the world how we can make a difference,” Sophomore and Project Leader Bhavi Patel said. “This is a project that keeps on giving. The animals we donate will have babies and their babies will have babies and this will allow our good deed to grow.”