Galileo High School

"Global Competition Begins Here"


Senior Picnic

The Galileo Magnet High School Student Council Association held the 2013 Senior Picnic for the Class of 2014 on Sept. 18 at Ballou Park. Every member of the senior class was present to enjoy hamburgers and hotdogs, cooked by History Teacher and Grill Master Mr. Smith. After enjoying their meal, seniors participated in a pie-eating contest where Seniors Ivan Hernandez, Trey Henderson, Annie Scearce, and Jon Flynn battled Mr. Smith to see who could eat the most of their cherry pie in 3 minutes with Senior Jon Flynn being named victor. After the contest seniors tried their hand at dunking Principal Mr. Lancaster, Science Teacher Mr. Gibson, and History Teachers Mr. Smith and Ms. Spoon. All of the teachers ended up soaked with members of the senior class also climbing into the booth.