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Movement Class


Movement is a very important aspect of everyone's life. It is important that every child learns how to take care of their body and develop good exercise/movement habits that will lead to a healthy life style. Each student at Grove Park Preschool, in addition to their daily recess time, will attend a structured movement class once a week. During this class they will have opportunities to exercise, work on developing good locomotor and non-locomotor skills, and dance. Many skills that are taught in the music class will be reinforced in the movement class using movement activities. Also, many of the activities that are learned in the movement class will be used in the music class.


Students will also learn about making healthy choices when eating. Nutrition will be highlighted throughout the movement class. The last five to ten minutes of every movement is devoted to exercising, where the students participate in various simple exercise routines.


~ The goal of the movement class is to encourage the students to strive for a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, good nutrition, and fun!!! ~