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Music Class

Each child at Grove Park Preschool attends music class once per week. During the music class the students are immersed in an Orff-Schulwerk approach to music education. All music lessons include a selection of singing, instrument playing, listening to high quality music, music creating, and dancing/movement activities.


Students will be introduced to many different styles and genres of high quality music. Music listening examples will be selected from Classical, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Popular, and many other genres.


Every student has opportunities to participate in music centers where they can explore various stations that include a listening lounge, where they have the opportunity to listen to various styles and genres of music; instrument centers, where they can experiment with multiple musical instruments to create different types of sounds and music; and movement centers, where the students can experiment with expressing their feelings about the music through movement.


Music concepts and skills are presented through various methods. Technology is an important aspect of education, and in the preschool music class technology is very important. Music concepts are presented using electronic instruments (i.e. keyboard, etc.), computers, and other devices.


~ The goal of the Preschool Music Program to develop an appreciation of all genres of music and an understanding of basic music concepts in every student at Grove Park Preschool