GLH Johnson Elementary School



Bio Cubes


     In keeping with Black History Month, some students assembled bio cubes about George Washington Carver for a library project. A bio cube is another way of presenting research. The bio cube template had been previously typed, printed and zeroxed. The challenge for the students was to read the directions for assembling the cube which included cutting the template exactly as mentioned, folding the paper on the designated lines and then glueing the right parts together. Many students found this task to be daunting at first, but they developed a never-ever quit attitude just like George Washington Carver did all of his life. There was a sense of accomplishement as they shared their bio cubes with friends and faculty members. Each side of the bio cube contained information about one of the following categories: Name, Time Period and Place; Background, Obstacles, Significance, Quotations, and Personality. The students promised to spread the word about George Washington Carver, an outstanding American scientist and role model who had been captured by Quantrill's Raiders and tossed away as a baby. We are so glad Moses Carver found him. The students have alot of the information right in the palm of their hands! Just ask them, and they will be glad to tell you.