GLH Johnson Elementary School



                                             5th Grade Awards Assembly

                                                        First Nine Weeks

All fifth grade teachers gave out an award for

     Citizenship - conduct award for all Ss

     Honor Roll - academic award for straight As and all Ss or As and Bs and all Ss on their  

                        Report Card

     Perfect Attendance - present at school every day


Mrs. Sydnor, Art Teacher, gave out an award as well.

     Certificate - Drawing for The Faces of Our Children Organization, a sickle cell animia

                         awareness program

Mr. J. Wilson's Girls
Mr. J. Wilson's Boys
Mr. Neal's Girls
Mr. Neal's Boys
Mrs. T. Brown's Girls
Mrs. T. Brown's Boys
Ms. Greiner's Girls
Ms. Greiner's Boys
Ms. Lowell's Girls
Ms. Lowell's Boys
Ms. Ireland's Class
Mrs. Sydnor's Group