Johnson’s Black History PTA Program: ‘Let the Good Times Roll’

“It takes a village to raise a child”, is an African proverb. Those words were evident February 11, 2013 when parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and neighbors turned out in mass for G.L.H. Johnson’s annual Black History PTA program. Because of great audience support in past years, the program had to be moved to a larger venue. This year’s theme at George Washington High School’s auditorium was Let the Good Times Roll.
Incredibly talented Johnson students from kindergarten to fifth grade performed dance, song, modeling, and drama in paying homage to African Americans who have made significant contributions to this country and beyond its borders. Period costumes complimented tunes that captured the African-American experience.
Under the direction of choreographer, Ms. Felecia Edmunds, 287 students were able to showcase their talents. Reflecting upon that evening, Edmunds said, “I want to thank each and everyone who helped in making this program a huge success. They know who they are...the Johnson faculty and staff, the parents of the Johnson students, PTA members, and various church groups in the community.

G.L.H. Johnson’s principal, Ms. Tonya Jackson said, “It gave me an overwhelming sense of pride to see what transpires when we (school and community) come together as one.”

Yes, the good times did roll at another G.L.H. Johnson Black History PTA program. It is a tradition.