Constitution Day

The specialty teachers at GLH Johnson Elementary were excited for America on Monday, September 17th, Constitution Day! A celebration assembly featuring literature, art, music, and physical education took over the gymnasium during students’ specialty times.
Each 45-minute program began with a lively, patriotic march as the students entered the gym, and the specialty teachers ran with giant red, white and blue scarves to cover the screaming crowd! The program became a little more serious and educational with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, a lovely reading by our media specialist Mrs. Gunn of “The U.S. Constitution,” by Kathy Allen, and a brief history lesson about the United States national anthem by our music teacher, Ms. Oden. The program concluded with an interpretive dance and a march led by one of our P.E. teachers, Mrs. Edmunds.
All grades, kindergarten through fifth, left the gymnasium with a little bit more knowledge and a little bit more of a patriotic spirit!


Ms. Emswiler’s class, showing off their American flag artwork, thanks to Miss Reid!

Third grade students learning the national anthem in sign language from Ms. Oden

Kindergarten students marching to “You’re A Grand Old Flag” led by Mrs. Edmunds

Third grade students, listening to a book reading and learning from Mrs. Gunn