GLH Johnson Elementary School




                                                    Guided Math is Fun!

     Oh, How We Love Our Guided Math and Math Stations!  The first grade teachers and their students at G.L.H. Johnson are excited about Guided Math. We have fully implemented our guided math stations as of January 28, 2014. The students are excited about the different math activities that they work on in the stations.  While working in the stations, the students work cooperatively in small groups with others on previously taught skills or a new skill that have been introduced.  They work hard toward learning that skill.


The pictures below show three different stations:    

  • In one station, students are learning how to subtract using a yardstick.  The activity is called Yardstick Subtraction.  The leader has a sheet of subtraction problems in front of her. For example 8 – 3 = ?. The leaders job is to call out the subtraction problem.  The other students will solve the problem by locating the number 8 on the yardstick first and then count backward 3 times.  The number they stop on should be 5 which is the answer. 
  • Another station show students working on addition problems in the same manner. 
  • The final station shos students using a deck of cards with subtraction problems on them.  The deck is turned face down. The other cards with the answers are turned face up.  The leader and the other students take turns pulling a card from the deck, reading  the subtraction problem, solving the problem and then finding the card with the correct answer. First grade loves Guided Math and Math Stations!