GLH Johnson Elementary School





Fire Engine Visits Johnson Kindergarten!


The Kindergarten students at Johnson learned some valuable information about fire safety from local fire fighters who visited our school.  Their eyes lit up instantly upon seeing the big red truck in our parking lot!  They learned the importance of having a smoke alarm in the home, and responded properly when asked what to do if they found a cigarette lighter:  “Don’t touch it; tell a grown-up!” 


The students were fascinated to watch a fireman put on all the necessary equipment to prepare for a fire, some of which weighed more than some of them!  He even crawled on his knees to demonstrate what they could expect to see if they would ever have to come inside their homes for a fire.  He encouraged them never to be afraid if that ever happened.


The girls were excited to find out that even they can aspire to become a fire fighter, and the teachers were excited when the firemen shared the significance of doing well in school.


Hooray for fire fighters!