GLH Johnson Elementary School





                                                           Tally Marks

     Kindergarten students made and read books about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  They discussed his dream and what they would do to make the world an even better place.  Our principal, Mrs. Jackson, even stopped by to read about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  She was impressed when the students were able to answer all of her comprehension questions!  They love when she drops by! 

     Our Assistant Principal, Mr. Fain, helped with PALS testing by working with tiered groups!  He worked with the children on uppercase and lowercase letter matching, consonant sounds, and consonant digraphs!  Of course, the children were fascinated to have him working with them!

     We are working on using tally marks in math (K.13).  To get the students excited about tallying, Mrs. Davidson took her class on a ‘Tally Trip’! They visited our parking lot with a tally sheet, clipboard, and pencil in hand!  They used tally marks to indicate the different colors of cars in the parking lot!  What an engaging assignment!  Ms. Oakes’ class used pipe cleaners to demonstrate how to use tally marks!  This really enhanced their learning!