GLH Johnson Elementary School





                                   A Production Play at GLH Johnson School


     How did the first Thanksgiving get started?  Well, let the first graders at GLH Johnson

Elementary tell you.  For several weeks the first graders have been studying a unit in

social studies about the past and the present and the lives of people associated with

certain holidays in our country.  The first grade teachers thought it would be a good idea

to have the students act out what they learned in a play. The holiday that these first

graders presented was Thanksgiving. The play was called The First Thanksgiving

and the students performed at the school’s PTA meeting on November 12th.

     As the play began on stage, the first graders acted out the part when the

Pilgrims left England in the 1600’s because the King was cruel, and he wanted them to

worship him.  The Pilgrims got on a large ship and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to

America.  The weather was bad and the Pilgrims were afraid, but they made it to America. 

After getting off the ship, the Pilgrims met some Indians and they became friends.  The Indians showed the Pilgrims how to plant, fish, and hunt.  The Pilgrims were pleased with all the food that they had gathered so the Pilgrims decided to have a big feast and invited

the Indians to come.  The Pilgrims were thankful.  They called this feast The First


     There were three scenes in the play with narrators.  After each scene, the students

sang Thanksgiving songs under the direction of the music teacher, Ms. Walden. WHAT A WONDERFUL PLAY THE FIRST GRADERS PRESENTED!