J.M. Langston Focus School




On Monday, February 18, 2013, the faculty and staff were privileged to have Robert and Carl Williams, and Charles Smith to come to Langston Focus School to speak to our students. These gentlemen spoke to our students about a variety of life lessons taught to those of us who attended the former John Mercer Langston High School. The lessons instilled in us included the importance of getting a quality education, self determination and the willingness to be the very best that we could, no matter what we chose to be.  They also spoke about the positive accomplishments of those who attended the former John Mercer Langston High School. The sports teams won a number of division and state championships. Various school organizations also competed again other schools in surrounding areas to win awards, and scholarships for our fellow Langstonians. Other major accomplishments included graduates who went on to become doctors, lawyers, psychologists, administrators, educators, entertainers, professional sports stars, business and community leaders, and the list goes on and on!!  Our guests' discussions of the Civil Rights movement, and integration had the students spellbound, inquisitive, and on the edge of their seats with a thirst for more knowledge about Black History moments and events which had occurred!



 Persons in the picture from left to right - Mr. Kevin Whitlock (Principal), Attorney Robert Williams, Ms. Verneita Harris (Educator), Mr. Carl Williams (Entrepreneur), Mr. Charles Smith (Real Estate Broker), and Mrs. Gayle Breakley (Assistant Principal)