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K. Extensions
A. Further possible experimentation:
Finding a fresh animal track and making a track cast.
Research projects using books or the internet to identify animal tracks.
Making a model of a backbone.

B. Integration with other disciplines.

Social Studies: Emphasize the Geography of the Rocky Mountains of
Western United States, tracing the mountains through each state it runs.
Its vastness is always fascinating.
Home Connection:  Students should be able to recognize sorting and
grouping activities that they perform at home, daily.
Language Arts: Students could write comparisons of animals by
comparing and contrasting.
Reading:  Read story books as well as factual books about animals.
(Fiction and Nonfiction)

L. Sources of information: books, websites, kits, journals

M. Suggestions for Special Needs Learners:

Make sure groups are heterogeneous so that every student is a learner.
A simpler activity of sorting could be used by sorting buttons by color,
size, shape, metal and plastic, or number of holes.  This results be charted
the same as the animals.
N. Classroom assessment suggestions:  (Students will take a hands-on practice quiz.)
    A. Observations from teaching this lesson:
         Students discovered so many things about animals and applied prior knowledge
         to enhance drawing conclusions and with various activities of classifying animals
         discovered how behavioral and physical adaptations allow animals to respond
         to life needs.   (Animals: Habitats/ Behaviors Interractive Online Quiz)
    B. These activities should lead right into Animal Kingdoms.

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