W.W. Moore



Black History Month Celebration

     The students at W. W. Moore participated in a variety of motivational activities in observance of Black History Month. The theme for the month was “Dreaming, Believing and Achieving.” Each teacher planned exciting lessons throughout the month that involved learning about the contributions of famous African-Americans both past and present. The students began each Monday morning with a quote from individuals like Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Arthur Ashe and Mary McLeod Bethune. They discussed the quote, its meaning and how they could apply it to their own lives.

     On February 11, 2013, Mrs. Marilyn Gunter, retired DPS Educator came to speak to the students as part of the Black History Celebration. Her topic was “The Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington.” Mrs. Gunter shared the significance of both events and how they shaped history. She also read some poems from one of her favorite authors, Langston Hughes. She concluded her time with the students by encouraging them to always have hope for a better tomorrow.


     Ms. O. Renee Hughes, School Board Member, was the guest speaker on February 22, 2013. Ms. Hughes talked to the students about African –American trailblazers in the field of medicine, science, education, business and sports. She shared information about individuals who had to overcome obstacles in order to achieve their dreams. Ms. Hughes summed up her message by saying “If these individuals could achieve greatness even though they faced difficulties, so can you. Let their stories inspire you.”