W.W. Moore



Character Trait Speakers at W.W. Moore

      Character Education plays a big role in W. W. Moore’s Education Program. The goal is to foster the development of learners who will be responsible and productive citizens. The following speakers have addressed character traits during the school year:

August- Ms. Robin Owens- Hope & Optimism
September - Mrs. Patricia A. Davis Grit, Perseverance & Resilience
October - Ms. Carolyn Stephens Tolerance & Open-mindedness
November - Mr. Everett Johnson Gratitude, Appreciation & Thankfulness
December - Mr. Barry Mayo Integrity, Trustworthiness & Honesty
January - Dr. Edward Polhamus Self-Control and Self-Discipline
February - Councilman Alonzo Jones Kindness, Caring & Compassion
March - Mr. David Compton- Bravery, Valor & Courage
April - Mr. Nicolas Sturdifen Self-Respect & Respect

Ms. Stephens

Mr. Compton

Mr. Mayo

Mr. Jones

Ms. Owens

Mr. Polhamus

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Sturdifen