W.W. Moore



Constitution Day

On September 16, 2011, the students and staff of W. W. Moore Education Program celebrated Constitution Day. Each teacher planned special activities for their subject matter. The students were involved in the following lessons:

Students worked math problems that revealed the date each state ratified the constitution.

The students read the Constitution aloud and wrote their own amendment to the Constitution.

Social Studies
A discussion about the significance of the Bill of Rights took place followed by the students listening to the Bill of Rights Rap. As a follow-up the students will create their own rap about the Bill of Rights.

The students talked about Benjamin Franklin as a signer of the United States Constitution. They also learned about Mr. Franklin as a scientist and inventor.

Physical Education
Prior to participating in their physical activity, the students learned about how sports have been influenced by the U.S. Constitution and Amendments. They enjoyed discussing Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972.

Post D
The students read the Preamble aloud and compared and contrasted the rights that American citizens have with those of other countries.

The students learned about the Founding Fathers and what happened to many of the signers of the Constitution.
The planned activities were successful and enjoyed by the students. As part of the celebration, the teachers wore red, white and blue.