W.W. Moore



Green Thumb Nursery Digs Deeper

This winter, the students in the Green Thumb Nursery are trying to increase their horticulture skills. The utility friendly tree nursery has been purchasing its entire stock of tree seedlings from nurseries across the country. The students under the guidance of Tadashi Totten, local cooperative extension agent, are starting seedlings in their indoor greenhouse.

During October, the students harvested red buckeye tree seeds from the nursery. The seeds have been cold stratified in the classroom refrigerator. Under the direction of Mr. Totten, each student planted several of these seeds. It was most interesting to study the manner in which these need to be planted.

The students then planted a number of dawn redwood seeds. These trees are not utility friendly, but are fun trees to watch grow. They are the oldest living fossil, and were thought to be extinct until one was found in China in the 1940s. These trees are hard to purchase in any nurseries.

The students will continue planting different tree seeds each week. It is the hope that in the next month the nursery will have a new supply of tree seedlings that originated in Danville, Virginia rather than Oregon.