W.W. Moore



Ping Pong Champion Returns

     On Friday morning, April 12, 2013, everyone was talking about the ping-pong games that were going to take place during second and third period physical education classes. Dr. Philip Campbell, School Board member, made good on his promise to return to W. W. Moore to defend his ping-pong championship title. The students were excited about the opportunity to challenge such a formidable player. During match after match for 2 hours the students strategized and played their best game. Although they got some wins, in the end Dr. Campbell maintained his reign as Ping-Pong Champion. The games attracted a number of spectators. Everyone exhibited excellent sportsmanship. The morning ended with physical education instructor Coach Lee also engaging in a lively match. Following another win, Coach Lee presented Dr. Campbell with a well-deserved certificate. He vows to return again.