W.W. Moore



Read for the Record Day

     On October 3, 2013, W. W. Moore staff observed the Read for the Record Day. The Department of Education, in collaboration with the Education Commission of the United States, encouraged hundreds of thousands of children and adults to read on the same day which was October 3, 2013.
The staff of W. W. Moore chose to read orally to their classes and then engage the students in a lively discussion.

     Mr. Brian Patty, Business/Technology Teacher, read several short two minute mystery stories. After the stories were read orally, the students had to solve the mystery and place the correct answers in a crossword puzzle. The students listed all of the facts during their class discussion and had fun solving all of the mysteries.

     Mr. Daniel Decker, Science Teacher, read excerpts from the book Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. Then they watched the movie. Their discussion compared the oral reading to the movie. They were able to list several similarities found in the book and the movie. The students were amazed at how movie animation has changed over time.


     Mr. John Barbour, Math Teacher, read The Three Questions by the Russian Author, Leo Tolstoy. The students learned about critical thinking and were able to engage in a discussion about “What is a parable?” After the class discussion, each student wrote a summary of the story.

     Coach David Lee, Physical Education Teacher, read from the Driver’s Education Manual. The section they were focusing on were intersections. He held their attention throughout the entire oral reading. Once he finished reading, the questions from the students were endless. Then they had an oral quiz.


     Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction, states that “the ability to read is the foundation of literacy and is the single most important activity for building knowledge for personal success.” The staff at W.W. Moore will continue to model, motivate, and help students develop a desire for reading.