W.W. Moore



World Champion Blind Athlete Visits W. W. Moore

      On December 22, 2011, the students at W. W. Moore received a visit from a special guest, Mr. Rich Ruffalo. The students were honored to have a national and international gold medalist visit them right before the holidays. Despite losing his vision while teaching school in New Jersey, Mr. Ruffalo went on to compete nationally and internationally in shot put, discus, javelin and power lifting. All totaled he has won 26 medals; one of which he brought to share with the students. In addition to being an athlete, Mr. Ruffalo is the author of PEP-The Seven P’s To Positively Enhance Performance. Many of the students had already read the book. Mr. Ruffalo shared some of his life’s experiences with the students. He also addressed the topic of honesty which was the character trait of the month. Mr. Ruffalo encouraged the students “to never stop until the victory you want in life is achieved”. The students enjoyed listening to Mr. Ruffalo and they were amazed at all of his accomplishments.