Band | Grading


Students’ grades will generally be determined by the following:

  • Playing Test 70%
  • Practice Records 10%
  • Participation 20%

Playing Test 70%:

All tests will include material covered in band class. The playing test may consist of scales, excerpts from the method books, concert materials or other supplementary materials. Tests may occur weekly, and will be performed in front of a band director for a grade.


Practice Records 10%:

Practice Records for six grade bands students are due each Tuesday in class. Practice Records for seventh and eighth grade band students are due at the end of each nine weeks. Please remember this is collected like any other homework assignment from other classes. No practice record results in a zero. Practice records that are not signed by a parent or guardian will also result in a zero. Practice records turned in one day late (Wed.) will only receive half credit.


Participation 20%:

The participation grade covers daily participation and attendance at rehearsals and performances. Students must be prepared daily with instrument, mouthpieces, reeds, method books, handbook, music, pencil and other materials specified by the director. Students must also sit with correct posture, clean up after class, follow band rules and policies, and return their instrument to their locker. A student may receive a zero percentage on participation if an unexcused absence occurs during a scheduled rehearsal or performance. Attendance at rehearsals and performances are mandatory except in the case of extreme illness or family emergency. It is impossible to make up a missed rehearsal or performance and other members must carry an extra burden because of someone else’s absence. A written parent or doctor’s excuse will be reviewed and may be accepted if the student cannot participate.