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GWHS 2015

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Congratulations to the members of the G.W. Marching Eagles for earning 1st place honors at the USBANDS Virginia Beach Regional Held this weekend at Frank Cox High School in Virginia Beach.  The marching band was awarded 1st place in Class 5 open along with awards for best Musical Presentation, Best Visual Presentation, Best Colorguard, and Best overall Effect.  Thank you to everyone who had part in making our trip for our students a success.






Credit: Aquila Theatre/Richard Termine


Fifty-two English 9 students of Mrs. Deborah Slayton and Ms. Eva Cassada saw Aquila Theatre's production of "Romeo and Juliet" at The Prizery arts center in South Boston on Oct. 8. The New Yorker magazine describes Aquila's productions as “The classics made relevant with superb acting and clever staging” while The New York Times raves, “an extraordinarily inventive and disciplined outfit.” Based in New York City, the cast's actors were all trained on the London stage; one was born in Singapore, and another in Istanbul. Students also visited The Prizery's art gallery and took in its Revolutionary War exhibit that details the Dan River's role in the campaign for American independence.



GWHS Supports Breast Cancer Awareness "Pink Week"

GWHS Theatre Guild Presents



More From Story Theatre

What happens when you take eleven actors and give them 53 parts? More From Story Theatre  comes to life. Come and bring your children or come and bring a date. Children of all ages will love these traditional tales from England, Arabia, and Celtic lore. Come and join us for a night of magic. All DPS employees are free with ID. We hope to see you at the theatre! Please click here for flier of additional information.





GWHS 9th Graders Attend Career Expo

The 9th graders had the opportunity to attend the Career Expo at the Olde Dominion Agriculture Complex in Chatham.  Chaperones, administration, and students had an EXCELLENT field trip!  Various members exclaimed on how well-behaved and conscientious our students were on this trip. One of the directors of the program stated that this made him proud to be an alum of GWHS! English 9 teachers, please thank the students who attended the field trip for their great behavior and representation of GWHS, and let us all please give a special thanks to the following teachers for all of their help: Ms. Stone, Mr. B. Pearson, Ms S. Jones, Mr. Henderson, Ms. Logan, Mr. Staten, Ms. T. Jones, Mr. Southerland, Ms. Anderson, Ms. McKinnie, Ms. Cassada, Ms. Fitzgerald, Ms. Schneider and Ms. Giles. Thank you so much!  GREAT JOB!





GWHS raised 1446 pounds of canned food for God's Storehouse in the WSLS First and 10 food challenge where GW triumphed over EC Glass. EC Glass had less than 300 pounds of food collected. Go Eagles!
Make Every Day Count!

George Washington High School commends our students who are coming to school each day and on time, with zero instances of tardiness!  We recognize that attending school daily and being on time shows their commitment to learning and their ability to fulfill responsibilities.

To date, our Sophomore Class has the greatest number of students with Perfect Attendance, but our Senior Class has the highest percentage of perfect attendance.  We congratulate all students with Perfect Attendance, and we look forward to honoring them at the end of each nine weeks.  We thank our families for encouraging our students to attend school.  We are looking for interested students, staff, parents, and community member to work with us developing ways to improve student attendance.  Please email us or give us a call.






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